Another Handful of Tips 27 – Publicity


Another Handful of Tips 27 –              Publicity

Five of the best tips when seeking publicity for a product or an event

Many organisations waste money, time and effort trying to attract potential clients. They cannot think beyond the radio, T.V., newspapers, letter-boxes and the internet. There are many other ways to reach clients.

There is no ‘best way’ to get the publicity you seek. It depends on the habits of the people being targeted.

1. Define your purpose

First, decide precisely what message you want to get out to your potential clients. (The who, what, where, when and the why parts of your story.) Keep it brief.

2. Target your audience

Who do you want to get your messages to? Do you know their habits? Where do they get their information? Is it from the network, radio, T.V., newspapers or word of mouth?

(Just because people buy a newspaper or a magazine or download a book it doesn’t mean they read it.)

3. Make your message newsworthy

If you are planning a news release study the headlines to see what makes news. Unusual events, human-interest stories, local events and animal stories are all popular.

If seeking publicity, your message must be news, not propaganda or free advertising.

4. Help the journalist

If you are hoping for publicity in a written publication, such as a newspaper or a magazine, study their style and email your story in their useable way. (Always give your contact details.)

If you can make life easy for journalists you are more likely to get the publicity you are seeking.

5. Use several cost-effective ways to get your messages out

In our book “Persuasive Ways” you will find a useful list of over 150 different ways to get publicity. Try some novel ways to get attention.

-Geoffrey Moss

“Be different from others use your imagination.”

SOURCE: “Persuasive Ways” published by Moss Associates Ltd, New Zealand and in Chinese by Shanghai People’s Publishing House and as “Secrets of Persuasion” by Cengage Learning Asia. Also available as an e-book from


Secrets of Persuasion Cover Persuasive Ways Cover Persuasive Ways (China) Cover


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