Another handful of Tips 30 – Training Policy

Another Handful of Tips 30 – Training Policy


Five of the best tips for an effective training policy

Top management is responsible for the day-to-day running of an organisation and for its long-term planning and development . It should also be responsible for an active training policy.

1. Training must be designed to support the organisation’s long-term objectives and goals


There must be an active long-term training policy fully supported by top management.

2. There must be an adequate training budget


Training must be considered a budgeted item like travel and sales.

Suitable locations and resources for training must be made available.

3. Management must allocate sufficient time during working hours for the required training to be carried out

4. Competent people must be available to carry out the training


Respected experienced staff should be selected and trained in the arts of training.

5. There must be a constant evaluation of all training to see if it is economically effective


Time spent at training sessions means loss of work time. Therefore all training activities should be worthwhile and benefit the worker and the organisation.

-Geoffrey Moss

Today business is all about performance, productivity and accountability and trainers must be held to account.”


SOURCE: “Training Secrets. Helping adults learn” 190p., Moss Associates. Ltd, New Zealand and Cengage Learning Asia, Singapore. Also available as an e-book from Learn 49 ways to train and how to assess and improve your own training skills.


Traning Secrets (Asia and Amazon) Cover Training Secrets Cover


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