Another Handful of Tips 32 – Change (Overcoming resistance)

Another Handful of Tips 32 – Change (Overcoming resistance)


Five of the best tips to reduce resistance to change in an organisation


Many workers are suspicious of change. They wonder how changes will affect their work and if they will have a job after changes are made.

Some do not understand the need for change and resent and resist it.

1. Win trust

Build up trust by talking to staff and giving them all the facts. Be frank and honest about the need for change and why changes are being made.

Listen to their suggestions and recommendations.

2. Discuss implications of change

The most important role is to reassure people about their future work prospects. Explain the personal benefits and advantages for workers.

Consider all criticisms of the proposed changes and the possible adverse effects.

Involve staff in planning and change policies.

3. Decide on the actions

Plan proposed changes and reassure staff that their concerns have been considered.

4. Get support from leaders

Influential people must be won over and give their full support to any changes that will be implemented.

5. Run pilot projects and evaluate results

Test changes by running small pilot projects. Start by selecting projects that have a good chance of success.

Carefully evaluate results to prove changes are worthwhile.

People who suggest helpful changes should be recognised, even rewarded.

-Geoffrey Moss

“Change is a dynamic process. Aim to make constant improvements. Act on constructive feedback and helpful suggestions.”

Sources: “Time- Savers, Guidelines, checklists and golden rules”, Moss Associates Ltd, New Zealand, “Time Management Secrets”, Cengage Learning Asia and “Time-Savers”, McGraw-Hill Companies. Also available as an e-book from


Time-Savers Cover Time Management Secrets Cover


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