Another Handful of Tips 34 – Speeches (Delivering)

Another handful of Tips 34 – Speeches (Delivering)

Five of the best tips when delivering a speech

If you have prepared your speech well, you will be able to face your audience with confidence.

Decide to enjoy the challenge, but take care you do not spoil all your good work on the day.

1. Brief the chairperson

Supply the chairperson with some brief written notes to indicate the way you would like to be introduced. This should ensure your background details are accurate and the audience know why you have been invited to speak on the topic.

Print off two copies. Give one to the chairperson in advance and the other copy on the day you speak.

2. Arrive early

Check out the venue and the room where you will be speaking.

Make sure you know the positions of the switches.

If you intend using visual aids check out the projector equipment to see your device is compatible and check the blackout facilities and the screen position.

All your audience must be able to see and read your visual aids.

3. Dress for the occasion

Your clothes should be comfortable and suitable for the occasion. It’s better to be overdressed than dressed too casually.

4. Compose yourself at the start

Don’t be in a hurry to start. Adjust the microphone and the lectern if necessary.

Address the chairperson and any distinguished guests.

Begin with a strong well prepared introduction.
A story or an anecdote is a good way to get attention.

5. Watch your timing

Timing is critical for most meetings.

Aim to finish with a summary and a strong memorable conclusion. Don’t run out of time so you finish with a whimper.

-Geoffrey Moss

“It’s not how long you talk that matters but what you say.”

Sources: “Time- Savers, Guidelines, checklists and golden rules”, Moss Associates Ltd, New Zealand, “Time Management Secrets”, Cengage Learning Asia and “Time-Savers”, McGraw-Hill Companies. Also available as an e-book from


Time Management Secrets Cover Time-Savers Cover


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