Another Handful of Tips 48 – Resistance to Change

Another Handful of Tips 48 –
Resistance to Change

The five best ways to overcome resistance when changes are introduced in an organisation

When an organisation is being restructured or major changes are being made, there are usually some people who resist the changes. They are comfortable with the old routine and happy with the way things are going.

A few critics can upset a smooth transition so it is important to overcome their resistance as soon as possible.

These tips can help you overcome such resistance to change.

1. Explain the present situation

As soon as management decides to introduce changes inform your workers. Tackle the problem early and discuss the trends in the business that make changes necessary.

Explain that the change is essential for the long-term gain and how all workers will benefit in the end.

2. Discuss the consequences if the changes are not made

Give the facts and suggest what might happen to the organisation if changes are not made.

Assure people it will not affect jobs and career prospects. One of the greatest fears workers have will be the fear of the unknown and whether they will lose their job security.

3. Support the changes

Acknowledge people’s concerns.

Prepare clear statements supporting the changes as soon as possible. Rumours can have people looking for other jobs in other organisations. If you lose staff you also lose experienced workers.

Offer a compelling argument to support the case for making changes.

4. Involve influential staff in planning

When people are involved in planning changes, they are more likely to support them.

Build allies and gain support from section leaders and other influential staff.

5. Plan to change things gradually

Don’t make change a major event. Gradual change is more effective.

If changes are made smoothly, staff morale will improve and you will build a stronger and more effective organisation.

Geoffrey Moss

“Change should be a continuous process,
not a sudden event.”

Source: “Secrets for New Managers” published by Moss Associates Ltd, New Zealand and by Cengage Learning Asia, Singapore. Also available as an e-book from Cengage Learning Asia, and the VitalSource Bookshelf.


Secrets for New Managers (Asia and Amazon) Cover Secrets for New Managers Cover


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