Another Handful of Tips 51- Branding a Business

Another Handful of Tips 51 –   Branding a Business

The five best tips to help brand an organisation and create customer loyalty

Branding is all about building trust and credibility while creating a loyal customer base. It’s all about building a good reputation.

All organisations should be dynamic so branding requires constant research, investment and change.

1. Develop a brand plan

Keep customers and potential customers in mind at all times. They must be your first consideration.

Keep your plan simple. Aim to build a fast reliable customer service.

2. All staff at all times must give clients a excellent service

Involve staff in building the plan and make sure they are well trained.

3. Be consistent

Staff and the public must understand what the brand stands for and what it does well.

4. Employ quality designers and agents to make your products simple and memorable

A simple unique logo is a useful memory tool.
Pick your colours with care. (Blue for trust and strength; green for peace and health; red to attract and excite; yellow for warmth and optimism.)

Brief your designers well.

5. Continually promote and publicise your brand

Your brand is your reputation. It is more than a logo. It’s all about a quality and a reliable service.

It’s the quality of the products, the consistency and the speed of supply and the reliability of the after-sales service.
It’s about the way the staff dress, the way they smile and the way complaints are handled. Many elements make up a good brand.

Geoffrey Moss,

“Branding helps organisations communicate with clients so they stand out from their competitors.”


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