Another Handful of Tips 53 – Quality Improvement

Another Handful of Tips 53 –
Quality Improvement

The five best tips to improve the quality of a product or a service

Most people are self-motivated, enjoy developing their skills and work best when they are given the freedom and the responsibility to get on with the job.

Poor management and supervision or the use of inferior resources and equipment can prevent an organisation giving clients the best service possible.

Quality products and services, like public relations depend on all staff.

1. Staff selection and training are critical

Select staff carefully. Don’t delegate staff selection to others. Be fussy and set high standards.

All staff, including top management, should undergo constant training.

Some successful organisations recommend training small groups and, once they are fully trained, getting each member to train others.

Mentoring is an excellent training tool. Choose experienced workers to coach and train new employees in the required standards.

2. Treat employees with respect

People don’t like being bossed and bullied.

Consult staff over problems and give them responsibilities for decision making once they are fully trained.

Autocratic management and excessive supervision can reduce output and the quality of service to clients.

3. Set high standards

Source high-quality materials for products, use up-to-date equipment and hire good designers. The staff will take a greater interest in their work if they are proud of all aspects of the operations.

4. Aim for constant improvement

Evaluate all activities constantly. “What was successful? What mistakes did we make? How can we do better next time?”

Make it a game with rewards for new ways of doing tasks.

Set up quality circles where workers meet regularly to identify, analyse and solve work- related problems. If well organised, this can be fun and rewarding.

5. Delegate responsibilities to the areas where the action takes place

Services and the quality of products improve if there is good communication in organisations and everyone knows the rules and the standards

Delegate decision-making to front line staff . Too many bosses and too many instructions slow down needed responses and clog up a business.

Geoffrey Moss

“Quality has more to do with people and their motivation than with equipment and conditions.”

P. S.

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The author has run workshops for over two thousand managers and worked in many countries. For example, he has run 31, three day workshops, in Singapore for the Singapore Institute of Management and learned much from these experiences.

His management books have been published by 30 publishers in 18 countries and in 11 languages.


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