Another Handful of Tips 55 – Human Relations

Another Handful of Tips 55 – Human Relations

A short course in human relations

Recently I was browsing through an old diary and came across these recommendations. They are worth repeating as a reminder of how we should be acting when dealing with others.

The source is unknown, but it makes a useful “Handful of tips”.

1. The six most important words you can use in a business relationship:

“I admit that I was wrong.”

2. The five most important words when dealing with staff:

“You did a great job.”

3. The four most important words when you are consulted on a problem:

“What do you think?”

4. The three most important words when giving an order:

“Could you please….”

5. The two most important words when a job is well done:

“Thank you.”

And of course the least important word is “I”.

Geoffrey Moss

“Interpersonal skills are the currency of today”

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The author has run workshops for over two thousand managers and has worked in many countries. For example, he has run 31, three day workshops, at the Singapore Institute of Management and learned much from these experiences.

His management books have been published by 30 publishers in 18 countries and in 11 languages. Many are available as e-books.


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