Another Handful of Tips 56 – New Ideas

Another Handful of Tips 56 – New Ideas

Another five tips to promote a new idea

There is nothing more exciting than getting a new idea accepted and implemented. It gives one great satisfaction.


1. New ideas won’t work unless you work hard to introduce them and to gain support


You need energy and enthusiasm to ‘sell’ a new idea and good presentation skills to get them accepted.

Timing is often important.


2. Never kill a good idea but look for alternative ways to make use of it

List possible alternative uses for consideration. These could be valuable not only today but possibly in the future.


3. New ideas do not flourish in a conforming environment


They are more successful in organisations where people are allowed to make a few mistakes and where they are listened to.

They need a creative atmosphere where managers and workers accept and appreciate change.


4. Good ideas need champions with zeal and passion to promote them


They need people who are involved in the final decision and have the future of the organisation in mind.


5. Emphasise the benefits


To get an idea accepted explain why changes are needed. Tell the stakeholders the benefits and present your case with energy and skill.

Geoffrey Moss

“Reacting quickly to new ideas is important to the success of a business.”


Source: “Secrets for New Managers” first published by Moss Associates Ltd., New Zealand (www// and Cengage Learning Asia, Singapore. Also available as a hard copy and as an e-book from and VitalSource.

This books contains many articles first published in “Today’s Manager” the official bi-monthly publication of the Singapore Institute of management and published with the Institute’s permission.


Secrets for New Managers CoverSecrets for New Managers (Asia and Amazon) Cover


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