Another Handful of Tips 57 – Perseverance

Another Handful of Tips 57 – Perseverance

Five of the best tips to help you achieve results under adverse conditions

Often perseverance is referred to as stubbornness with a purpose. It means keeping on trying to achieve something despite many difficulties and setbacks.

It requires persistence and determination.

Success is often achieved by just hanging on after everyone else has given up.

1. Develop a strong belief in your objective

Spend time convincing yourself about the merits of your idea or opinions.

Put your thoughts in writing.

Re-examine your ideas from time to time clarifying and simplifying them.

Develop confidence in yourself and in your cause.

2. Prepare a plan and the steps to implement your objectives

Break your plan down into workable units and try to achieve one step at a time.

3. Regardless of difficulties, criticisms or failures decide your efforts are still worthwhile

If you are passionate about your cause, don’t let people discourage you. There are always those who like to disagree with new ideas and others who resent change.

4. Learn from your mistakes and be prepared to make changes when necessary – it’s a dynamic situation

You must be single-purposed and stubborn if you really want to succeed. This is a mental battle with yourself and you must not quit!

If you are determined enough and you truly believe in your ideas do not give up. It’s amazing what enthusiasm and stubbornness can achieve.

5. Persistence prevails when all else fails
Persistence and achievement go hand in hand

Stick to the fight when you’re hardest hit – when things go wrong you mustn’t quit.

Geoffrey Moss

“Great achievements are not done by strength but by perseverance.”

SOURCE: www// , “Golden Quotes”, four book series.




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