Another Handful of Tips 58 – Quality Principles

Another Handful of Tips 58 – Quality Principles

Five of the best tips to consider when you are trying to improve a product or a service

Quality is the result of planning, teamwork and a commitment to excellence.

Quality has more to do with people and their motivation than with equipment and conditions in their workplace.

Quality can always be improved by aiming to give the best service at the lowest price.

1. Encourage all staff to improve all their efforts at work continuously

Good communication and good training are essential tools in developing a sound workplace philosophy to upgrade all activities.

2. Quality improves faster if workers have a stake in the business

People who share in their workplace profits take a greater interest in the quality of their products and services and the final output.

3. Move responsibilities from inspectors to workers

Workers given authority are often keen to show they are capable of greater effort and get their co-workers to do likewise.

This can cut costs and improve output.

4. Set quality standards for each step in each job – then aim to improve on them

Quality standards should be put in writing. They should be written in simple, clear language that all workers can fully understand.

Refuse to accept anything but the best . Do not lower your standards in an effort to reduce costs.

5. Aim to beat the competition

Keep making small improvements and maintaining high standards.

If you put your name on a product make sure it has been well tested before it is released. A faulty item could ruin your reputation and your business.

Geoffrey Moss


” Today’s quality is tomorrows reputation”

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