Another Handful of Tips 59 – Improving Teams


Another Handful of Tips 59 – Improving Teams

Five of the best tips to consider when you are improving a team

Today, it is hard for businesses to operate without forming effective teams.

Every team is different. Look closely at the group dynamics before you attempt to reorganise and improve a team.

Different tasks require different types of teams.

1. Always analyse the work first before making changes

Decide which areas could be improved quickly and easily.

Often you will get greater synergy if you select teams containing both men and women. They contribute different outlooks and skills.

Cynics and jokers should be removed if they hinder progress.

2. Delegate responsibilities to teams

Work teams must be given specific responsibilities – preferably in writing.

People have a basic desire to make a difference – they want to contribute. Help them to achieve. They want to feel they are contributing to the organisation.

Team members should meet frequently to review progress.

3. Give regular feedback on team performance

Good communication is a two-way affair.
It is essential for management to keep teams informed of changing situations and for teams to keep management informed of developments and their successes.

4. Coaching and encouraging teams is essential

Teams must be coached and, if necessary, rebalanced for greater efficiency.

Encourage formal and informal activities outside work. Social events can help strengthen a team.

5. Acknowledge, reward and celebrate successes and contributions by teams

Managers should acknowledge improvements and successes and reward result, not tasks.


Geoffrey Moss

“The only way to judge a team is by performance.”

See: Another Handful of Tips 29 – “Teamwork”

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The author has run workshops for over two thousand managers and has worked in many countries. For example, he has run 31, three day workshops, at the Singapore Institute of Management and learned much from these experiences.

His management books have been published by 30 publishers in 18 countries and in 11 languages.


Source:Secrets for New Managers (Asia and Amazon) CoverSecrets for New Managers Cover


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