Another Handful of Tips 60 – Job Satisfaction

Another Handful of Tips 60 – Job Satisfaction

Five of the best tips to help staff enjoy their work and get job satisfaction

Think of the times when you have enjoyed your work. Think of the times when you have been frustrated at work. This makes a good starting point to look for the best tips to help your staff enjoy their work and feel they are making a worthwhile contribution.

1. Staff must feel they are helping the organisation to achieve its goals

The organisation should have realistic goals and objectives.
Make sure there is good communication between its various departments.

Workers must know exactly what is required of them and have their part in the action explained to them clearly.

2. Praise and reward them for their efforts

“Thank you. You did a good job.” It’s so easy to say and can be greatly appreciated.

Rewards can come in many forms, from small gifts, to time off, or praise in front of others.

3. Give them more responsibility

New responsibilities indicate trust. Even if they make some mistakes it’s a good learning experience.

4. Challenge staff to learn new skills

People learn at different rates so mentoring and training need to be carried out professionally and skilfully.

Most people get satisfaction from mentoring others. Use this training technique for staff development.

Look for creative assignments to challenge staff.
They must feel they are increasing their knowledge and skills.

5. Help them believe their work is worthwhile

People will enjoy their work more if they feel they have made a positive difference.

When people feel part of a successful team and the organisation is going forward and making a worthwhile contribution, they will get more satisfaction. They will be proud of their organisation and feel their contribution is well worthwhile.

More job satisfaction means less stress at work so give these five points serious consideration.

“Satisfaction comes from the appreciation and praise for a job well done.”

Geoffrey Moss

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