Another Handful of Tips 68 – Why Blog?

Another Handful of Tips 68 – Why Blog?

Who am I and why am I posting?

Greetings, I am Geoffrey Moss. I am retired and I live in Wellington, the Capital of New Zealand. If you want to learn more see my website

Why am I blogging?

I have had work adventures in many countries. I have worked in sixteen countries, mainly in Asia and the Pacific.

I have learned much from the people I have worked with. Over 2,000 managers have attended my workshops, many at the Singapore Institute of Management, where I ran 31 three-day workshops.

Some of my experiences have been written up in my books. Some of my books have been translated into other languages, mainly European and Asian.

I blog to share some of the information I have learned from others. Even as a manager, I learned from my mistakes.

Who do I blog for?

I blog for busy people moving into leadership roles. My topics cover practical skills in communication, training, management and leadership.

My goal is to produce “A Handful of Tips” for 200 topics. Many of my five “best tips” come from my books.

“A rolling stone gathers no moss.”


Rolling On CoverRolling On is available FREE as an e-book at


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