Another Handful of Tips 69 – Work Improvement

Another Handful of Tips 69 –
Work Improvement

Five of the best tips to help people increase job satisfaction
Managers and leaders who want to maintain a stable workforce should try to make the jobs more interesting and satisfying, and improve the attitude of their workers.

If people are given greater responsibility they can make full use of their abilities. They feel wanted and happy they can make a difference to the effectiveness of the organisation.

1. Rotate jobs

One way to improve attitudes to work is to add variety to routine tasks.

If workers carry out the same old tasks each day they get bored and lose interest in the objectives of the organisation.

Reduce the boredom by rotating jobs from time to time to add new experiences and add interest to the work.

Job rotations also allow managers to cover emergency situations when key staff are not available. Someone who has already done the job can step in and take over so there is a smooth transition.

2. Encourage personal development

Good leaders and managers encourage the professional development of their staff.

Many tasks can be made more interesting by enlarging and re-designing them.

If you give people greater responsibilities they feel more important and are often motivated to work harder.

Coaching and staff training are essential tasks to enhance job satisfaction but employees should be allowed to make full use of the new skills. This will lead to personal growth and development. (Training is a cost so must be included in the budget.)

3. Give more responsibility

Try to identify and make the best use of people’s skills.

Many workers prefer the challenge of a difficult job to a routine and boring one.

Delegate responsibilities to where the action takes place. This will make work more challenging and interesting but good training needs to be given first.

At times it is possible to set up new teams and give them greater responsibility for planning, organising and monitoring their work themselves.

(See: Another Handful of Tips 60- Job satisfaction)

4. Create a better work environment

Aim for more pleasant working conditions.

Even small improvements to the facilities such as a more inviting lunch room, better toilets or the availability of free car parks can improve the attitude of many to their workplace.

5. Recognise achievements

Praise and reward workers for their efforts.

Show an interest in employees’ families and their achievements outside the work environment.

Encourage workers to advance in their jobs and praise their efforts to succeed.

Geoffrey Moss

“What motivates people? A pride in doing a good job, more responsibility; personal growth and development; and advancement and the recognition of achievements.”

Source: “Secrets for New Managers” published by Moss Associates Ltd, New Zealand and by Cengage Learning Asia, Singapore. Also available as an e-book from Cengage Learning Asia, and the VitalSource Bookshelf.

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