Another Handful of Tips 70 – Managing for Success

Another Handful of Tips 70 –
Managing for Success

The five best tips to help a new manager

Managers are only as good as their staff so recruitment and training are vital to the success of an organisation.

As a new manager or section-leader, be prepared to ask for advice from front-line staff. Consult your workers when planning changes and remember two brains are usually better than one.

1. Set standards

Make sure your staff understand clearly what is expected from them. Explain your vision and the values you respect and want to see upheld.

Change should be the norm for all dynamic organisations so be flexible and be prepare to accept new ideas.

2. Recruit the best

Recruit the best people you can find. You are only as good as the people who work for you. Don’t let others select your staff for you.

Look for enthusiastic, energetic, ambitious people but make sure they will be compatible with your team.

3. Review progress formally

Call regular meetings to review team progress and to share ideas. These meetings must be well planned, interesting and involve all people involved.

4. Walk around and listen

Good managers should act more like ambassadors than accountants. They should walk about asking questions and chatting to staff and clients.

They must keep a track on all developments both in the industry and in their particular workplace.

Any routine and time-consuming parts of a manager’s job, such as budgeting and collecting data, should be delegated to a reliable assistant.

Review and assess developments regularly so changes can be made quickly.

5. Act like a leader

Set a good example at work and also socially away from work.

Be enthusiastic and talk about your vision for the future of the organisation. Become a mentor, a coach and a trainer. Be positive, diplomatic and sympathetic.

Delegate work to future leaders as a part of a training plan.

Make fast decisions. Respond to all messages rapidly and try to resolve all troubles quickly.

Make sure there are good communication systems in place and keep staff informed of developing situations and changes in the workplace.

A ship can have only one captain and a organisation only one manager. Be prepared to make the hard decisions to guide the organisation before it gets into trouble and hits the rocks.

Take care to never compromise deeply-held principles.

Decide to enjoy the challenge of being a good leader and manager.

Geoffrey Moss

“Be honest, fair, consistent , insistent and persistent.”


Source: Managing for Tomorrow CoverBuisnessSecrets Cover


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