Another Handful of Tips 72 – Advance Your Career

Another Handful of Tips 72 –
Advance Your Career

Five of the best tips to help you advance your career

People can be put into three main categories:
   Those who make things happen
   Those who watch things happen
   And those who wonder what happened.

Success is in the hands of those who make things happen. By following certain simple rules you can improve your career prospects especially when you move into a new organisation.

(This is a follow-on from the previous blog “Another Handful of Tips 71- Self-improvement”.)

1. Tread softly

When you take up a position in a new organisation, allow time to observe the current situation. Don’t be in a hurry to comment on more efficient ways of doing things or to make changes immediately.

Welcome the efforts of a mentor or some worker who can help you understand the culture of the organisation. Find someone who has had a long association and can mentor you on traditional values.

Establish a trust with them so you can ask for honest feedback about your actions and your work.

2. Build good relationships

Be courteous and friendly to all staff regardless of whether they are the bosses or the workers.

Often the ‘old hands’ see things in a different light to new recruited managers.

Discuss the history of the services and developments with workers. Explain changes needed and listen to their problems, concerns and suggestions.

3. Show you are ambitious

Accept leadership roles in both social activities and in work tasks.

Let people know you are ambitious. Dress and act appropriately for the position you would like to hold one day.

4. Learn new skills

Keep improving your communication skills, especially in public speaking skills and conducting successful meetings.

Learn to listen carefully so you can question people tactfully and get honest and helpful answers.

Keep up to date with the latest technology and business developments systems.

Learn to negotiate and compromise when dealing with others. Be patient and sympathetic with disadvantaged workers.

5. Go the extra mile

Always try to get things done on time and try to do them to a higher standard than what was expected from management.

Spend time chatting to staff and learn a little about their backgrounds and circumstances.

Be enthusiastic about work and the organisation, and remember you are not fully dresses until you wear a smile.


Geoffrey Moss,,

“Your planning, discipline, hard work and sacrifice will be well rewarded.”


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SOURCE: “Secrets for Success. This book could change your life”. First published by Moss Associates Ltd, New Zealand and by Cengage LearningAsia. Also available as an e-book from


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