Another Handful of Tips 73 – Success

Another Handful of Tips 73 – Success

Five of the best tips to help you succeed

Having asked over 2,000 managers what makes a good employee and what makes a good manager, I have reached some conclusions about the secrets to a successful and rewarding career.

1. Find work you enjoy

Know your strengths and interests and make the most of your skills and the tasks that give you the most satisfaction in your work.

You should have a lively interest in the work of your organisation and a desire to see it prosper and expand.

2. Increase your confidence

Improve your skills especially communication skills like public speaking and the ability to write clearly and succinctly.

Keep up to date with new technology.

Take responsible jobs when they arise. Never turn down a more responsible job if you are offered one.

Look after your body, your health and your fitness so you have the energy to cope with additional tasks.

If possible travel widely and seek new experiences.

3. Build influential networks

Join influential groups of people whether they be clubs, lodges, religious groups, sports teams or political parties.

4. Establish a good reputation

Maintain a good credit rating and a reputation for reliable work performance and honesty.

Live within your financial means and save for a rainy day.

Always try to give more than people expect from your efforts and treat others the way you would like to be treated yourself.

Give credit to others. If you employ staff give them positive feedback and acknowledge or reward their achievements. A letter to thank them for their special efforts is usually greatly appreciated.

5. Prioritise your important tasks

You must learn to ration your time. Today we are all under great pressure for our time – it’s our most valuable asset. Set your priorities and plan the best use of your hours.

So what are your priorities? Your family? Your work? Your health? Plan well so you can balance your life and have time to relax and enjoy it.

Geoffrey Moss

“Success is largely based on imagination, ambition and the will to work.”

SOURCE: “Secrets for Success. This book could change your life”. First published by Moss Associates Ltd, New Zealand and by Cengage Learning Asia. Also available as an e-book from

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