Another Handful of Tips 78 – Your Career

Another Handful of Tips 78 – Your Career

Five of the best leads to help you progress in your career

There have been huge changes in the business world in recent years. Many organisations have become leaner and flatter. Computers have replaced many jobs. More take-over bids have meant fewer jobs and there is more competition for the ones that are left.

Contract work is in, career ladders are on their way out.

Tomorrow’s bosses will be looking for people who meet certain criteria or standards. What will they be looking for?

Your main asset will be your employability – your ability to work in teams – your ability to do contract work from home and your ability to move between organisations.

Think about these five questions.

1. Are you an achiever with a good track record?

You should be confident and believe you are capable of accepting more responsible jobs.

You can help build your confidence by accepting roles in social, service clubs or sporting organisations.

2. Are you a good team builder?

You should be a good communicator and delegator.

You need to develop good human relation skills and enjoy working with people. You can improve these skills by joining organisations like Toastmasters or service clubs.

Make an effort to chat to people and become a good “people person”. Learn to ask questions and listen carefully.

3. Are you an innovator?

A business has four main functions – innovation, production, marketing and profit.

Do you come up with new ideas or different ways of doing things?

Innovation is the fuel of corporate survival. Managers and team leaders look for people with new ideas who are prepared to take a few risks and will be prepared to make hard decisions.

4. Have you kept up-to-date with new technology?

Organisations look for computer-literate workers who are up-to-date with new developments.

5. Are you enthusiastic about the service and the products the business is providing?

Are you conscious of the costs?

Are you keen to improve client relationships?

Answer these five questions honestly and objectively.

To progress in your career you must keep up with new developments. Make time to study, read, observe, network , travel and gain confidence and leadership experience.

Geoffrey Moss

“To advance your career exceed your bosses’ expectations, protect their reputations, and give them credit for your successes.”

Source: “Revitalise YOUR Business”, Moss Associates Ltd, New Zealand. ” Business Secrets. Guidelines for New Leader-managers”, Cengage Learning, Asia. Also available as e-books from and from the VitalSource Bookshelf.



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