Another Handful of Tips 86R – ‘Bossmanship’

Another Handful of Tips86R – ‘Bossmanship’

Five of the best tips to be a good boss

A good boss knows how to involve staff in team efforts, pays attention to details and standards and is able to delegate responsibility to others.

The five best tips to be a good boss:

1. Make sure your staff always understand clearly what is expected of them

Job specifications and instructions should be given in writing so they can be refer to from time to time.
A good communication system is essential to keep all staff informed of developing situations.

2. Your staff must have guidance in their work and know who to go to for advice


They should have only one boss. “Too many cooks spoil the broth.”     Old English proverb.

3. Praise publicly and criticise privately

Good work should be praised or rewarded publicly. “Thank you.” “You did that job well.” Are two encouraging terms that should be used often.
Poor work should be constructively criticised privately in a helpful manner.

4. Encourage your people to improve themselves

Give staff the opportunities to show they can accept greater responsibilities.
Challenge them with worthwhile tasks.
When possible, delegate decision making down to your front-line workers.

5. Make sure your people work in a safe and healthy environment

Pleasant working conditions and a relaxed working environments get the best out of people.

The art of being a good boss is to get your people to do what you want done, because they want to do it.

-Geoffrey Moss

Good bosses can be recognised because their people give superior performances.”

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His management books have been published by 30 publishers in 18 countries and in 11 languages.


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