The Best Handful of Tips 4 – Electioneering


The Best Handful of Tips 4 – Electioneering

It’s that time again when candidates are out asking for your vote.

Before casting a vote in favour of the candidate people need to know their background, their work experiences, their family situation and what changes they hope to make if they get elected. How will those changes affect you, if they can carry them out?

Today mass media presentations have largely replaced the old-fashioned political speech.

Electronic messages, letters to the editor and media interviews can be more effective in reaching more people than political speeches.

Personal visits and handshakes can add many votes.

During the selection process, or when a new candidate is being introduced, the political speech is still an important tool. If you are standing for office follow these tips.

Five of the best tips when making a political speech

1. Be friendly and discreet

The greatest mistake new candidates make is to say too much.

You are trying to establish a rapport with your audience and make friends. Be sincere and if possible add some humour and anecdotes in your speeches.

Policy statements are best left to question and answer sessions and media interviews. But if you make them keep them short and make no more than three statements of intent at one time.

2. Tell them your background

People want to know who you are and if they can trust you. Where do you come from? Where did you grow up? Where were you schooled? Where have you worked and what are your qualifications?

Tell them your interests, your hobbies what clubs and organisations you support. What sports do you play, or have played? Have you travelled overseas? They are looking for common ground so you can relate to them and help them. What is your family situation?

3. Give reasons why you are standing for a political office

Many people suspect candidates stand for office for personal gains so give honest convincing reasons. Leave the audience in no doubt as to your reasons.

4. Tell them why they should vote for you

Why are you the best person qualified to represent them?

What changes will you try to make on their behalf and how will they will benefit if you are successful?

5. Ask for their vote

All too often candidates take this for granted and fail to ask them to cast their vote for you on polling day.

Always finish with an appeal for their vote and tell them once again the reasons why you are the best candidate for the job?

– Geoffrey Moss

“Promise voters you will try to get whatever they want. Unless you get elected you won’t be able to help them.”


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