The Best Handful of Tips 12 – Mentoring


The Best Handful of Tips 12 – Mentoring

Mentoring is a relationship in which a more experienced or a more knowledge person helps to guide a less experienced person or less knowledge person. It is a very useful form of training where an experienced and trusted adviser is asked to help others organise their work and careers more efficiently and effectively.

Mentoring can be a two-way training tool where a young trainee can share his knowledge of modern technology with an older person in exchange for learning practical skills.

A good mentor, or mentors can help you forge a successful career.

Five of the best tips for mentoring

1. Mentors must be compatible with the person or persons they are mentoring or coaching

The first choice of a mentor would be to seek the advice from a successful family member. Family members can be more sympathetic and understanding. The next choice would be seeking the advice and coaching from a friend, or a senior colleague.

Look for a mentor with people you have already demonstrated your potential. They have to like, trust and believe in you. They also need to believe you will put to use any training and advice you receive from them.

2. Mentoring can be used on a one-to-one basis, or for a group

Once in my career I was mentored for five months in a group of five. We were each give separate projects to carry out. It was competitive situation but well worthwhile. We each had private coaching sessions with the Director and the Director-General.

3. At the start, discuss the role and the rules

Prepare some questions about your career moves and seek an appointment with a senior manager you admire. If you can establish a rapport with them they may offer to coach you and become your mentor. If you don’t ask you won’t receive. Take the first step.

If they agree, set up an informal agenda and agree on a place and meeting times. “Can I meet with you once a month for half an hour? I am prepare to carry out extra projects for our discussions.”

4. Mentoring is an ideal job for an experienced retiree

While technology has changed peoples wants, needs and desires do not change. It is easier, and often cheaper, to learn from the experiences of others than to learn from making your own mistakes.

Many older people enjoy coaching and appreciate being asked to help. Many retirees have contacts that may help you on your way.

5. Mentoring can be used to select future leaders

Very often good bosses will be prepared to make the time to coach juniors and help build their confidence by giving them new challenges and experiences.

The best managers are good delegators and make the time to network and the time to mentor and coach people they believe will be future leaders in their business.

Geoffrey Moss,

“Mentoring should include creative and lateral thinking – linked to real business situations.”

Source: “Training Secrets. Helping adults learn”. Moss Associates Ltd.”Training Secrets. A trainer’s handbook packed with proven methods and helpful hints”, Cengage Learning Asia. Also available as an e-book from


Traning Secrets (Asia and Amazon) CoverTraining Secrets Cover


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