The Best Handful of Tips 14 – Make People Accountable

The Best Handful of Tips 14 –
Make People Accountable

Accountability relies on sound delegation and cannot exist without good accounting practices.

Delegation means retaining overall control while ensuring that each employee is made accountable for realising specific objectives.

Managers(bosses, CEOs and leaders) must clearly explain responsibilities for work tasks, the specific results required and how these results will be measured. But unless employees are willing to be accountable for their work little can be done.

Make an effort to make jobs challenging and enjoyable.

Five of the best tips to make people accountable for their work

1. Define the areas of responsibility and how they will be measured

Make sure the person you are delegating the responsibility to is absolutely clear what is required and has agreed to take the action required. Set an agreement time and put a measurement clause in the deal.

Structure work to give people control over their own success. Communicate the importance of their work.

2. State the areas of responsibility verbally and put it in writing

Discuss the role, the areas of responsibility and answer questions. There must be no areas of misunderstanding.

By putting the role into writing you will clarify your own thoughts and give the person a reference.

3. All staff must know who is responsible for each operation

If you have delegated responsibility, all staff must be told. Good communication within an organisation is essential for success.

4. Avoid overlapping

Encourage staff with shared tasks to form teams. To avoid confusion break down tasks into specific responsibilities and name each person responsible for each task.

5. The three key elements of a successful business

“Performance, productivity and accountability“; these are the key elements of a successful business. Accountability is the glue that binds commitment to results.

Build a culture for success. Ensure rewards are consistent and fairly meted out and are proportional to successes or failures.

Keep searching for ways to improve and ways to do things better. Praise good work and reward successes and let people learn from their mistakes.

-Geoffrey Moss,

“Without personal accountability at all levels any policy or programme will probably fail.”



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