The Best Handful of Tips 18 – Be a Good Manager

The Best Handful of Tips 18 –
Be a Good Manager

Before you can lead a team successfully you must gain their confidence and acceptance.

A good employer knows how to involve staff in team efforts, pays attention to details and standards and is able to delegate responsibility to others.

A good manager (CEO, team leader) demonstrates high standards and motivates staff to increase their skills and efficiency.

The five best tips to be a successful manager

1. Make sure your staff always understands clearly what is expected of them

Job specifications and instructions should be given both verbally and in writing and discussed and modified, if necessary, on a regular basis during work reviews.

2. Gain the respect of your staff by setting a good example

Talk and listen to them. Consult them when changes are necessary. Gives guidance when required.

They should have only one leader, anymore and you are in trouble.

Encourage social activities. Join in their social and sporting activities.

3. Set high ethical and moral standards

Be honest and sincere in all your work and expect your staff to do the same.

Good work should be praised or rewarded publicly. Poor work should be constructively criticised, privately. Never criticise in front of others.

4. Act like a leader

Lead well and dress like a leader by setting a good example with your dress code.

Build strong teams and make them accountable.

Inspire workers and motivate them through training, coaching and mentoring.

Encourage your people to improve and advance their prospects. Give them opportunities to show they can accept greater responsibilities.

Challenge them with worthwhile tasks.

Commit yourself to the welfare of your workers and to their safety and security in the workplace. Make sure your people work in a safe and healthy environment.

5. Establish good two-way communication systems

You must know what is going on. Your staff must know how they are performing. They must be told how well the organisation is doing and be kept abreast of developing situations.

Being a manager, a CEO or a team leader is not easy but it can be enjoyable if you make the work fun and rewarding.

Geoffrey Moss

“A good boss thinks and speaks clearly, keeps things simple and makes decisions confidently.”

SOURCE: “Revitalise YOUR Business”, first published by Moss Associates Ltd, New Zealand ; Survival Skills for New Managers” and “Business Secrets” published by Cengage Learning Asia. Available as an e-book from and from VitalSourceBookshelf. Some editions have been published in Australia, China, India, South Africa, Hungary,  United Kingdom and in Thailand. See for details and names of publishers.


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