The Best Handful of Tips 24 – When applying for a new position

The Best Handful of Tips 24 –

When applying for a new position 


Do your homework first, then look smart for your interview. Never forget you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.

Talk to people who know the business and seek  their advice about its culture, attitudes and policies. If possible find out their needs and what type of staff they are looking for.

You may be competing against many applicants so you must stand out and be the best applicant for the job.

The five best tips when going for a new position

  1. Before you apply

Find out about the organisation. Read their annual reports and mission statement.  Talk to staff and clients. Look them up on-line.

If possible, obtain a copy of the job description and build your application and revise your curriculum vitae to suit the position.   

  1. Your appearance

The way you are groomed, the way you are dressed, creates that all important first impression before you speak.

Most organisations have an unofficial dress code. Find out the dress standards expected by the organisation. Dress appropriately for the position you hope to get.

  1. Be punctual 

Check out the location in advance. Arrive early so you can relax and be composed for the interview. Often a short stroll before the interview helps you relax.

Take your references, curriculum vitae and certificates just in case they are needed.

  1. During the interview

Be polite, smile and be natural. Be modest and honest. Be friendly and enthusiastic about work. Try to demonstrate you are an interesting,  ambitious and a responsible  person.

Just be yourself.   Don’t act,  it will show.

  1. Don’t dominate the interview

Let the interviewers ask the questions. Answer concisely and be prepared to amplify if asked. Don’t talk too much.

Leave the interviewer with the impression that you are a confident  achiever – one who knows how to get things done.

After the interview show your appreciation by writing a thank you note to say you were grateful for the interview. (Often a successful candidate declines the position offered, or a second position my come up, and these small courtesies will be remembered.)


-Geoffrey Moss


“Show you could make a worthwhile contribution

instead of asking for a position.”


SOURCE: “No Job! What Now? First published by Moss Associates Ltd, New Zealand and by “Cengage Learning Asia. Also available from the VitalSource Bookshelf and as an e-book from


No Job What Now Cover
No Job What Now (Amazon) Cover


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