The Best Handful of Tips 32 – Promoting Your Good Idea

The Best Handful of Tips 32 –
                      Promoting Your Good Idea

There is nothing more exciting than a good idea. But it’s not worth much unless you have the energy and the ability to make it work.

Recommending a change can be challenging because people who have done well under an old system often resent change.

Prepare your case well and seek support early when introducing a new idea. Nothing is permanent, except change.

Five of the best tips to help you promote your next good idea

1. Test the water

Do your homework well. Discuss your idea with friends and colleagues. Consider all the pros and cons of the changes you are recommending.

Try to predict any possible problems.

Prepare a draft outline plan.

2. Keep your idea simple

Write down your recommendation in one sentence. What are you trying to achieve?

Focus on no more than three points in your proposed message.

Edit heavily and remove clutter from your draft.

3. Seek support

Discuss the subject with people who will be involved. Try to get them involved.

Explain your concept. Before presenting your ideas formally seek allies from influential people.

4. Make a strong enthusiastic presentation

Good clear, simple visual aids can save you much talking. (Keep your colour combinations strong using basic colours and bold print.)

Before you start your presentation make sure all the audience can see and hear your message. (A good picture can save you a thousand words.)

Detail figures are best given as a handout.

5. Emphasise the benefits

Be enthusiastic with your presentation.
Explain why the change is needed.

Emphasise the benefits and tell the stakeholders and the workers how they will be better off.

Give them the opportunity to ask questions and give their opinions of the change.

Accept the things you cannot change, the courage to change the things you can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

– Geoffrey Moss

“Success means growth, and growth means change.”

Source: “Revitalise YOUR Business”, first published by Moss Associates Ltd, New Zealand; McGraw-Hill, Australia; the Singapore Institute of Management; Ane Books India; Se-Education, Thailand and as ” Business Secrets. Guidelines for New Leader-managers”, Cengage Learning, Asia. Also available as e-books from and from the VitalSource Bookshelf.



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