The Best Handful of Tips 37 – Learn to say NO!


The Best Handful of Tips 37 –

                       Learn to say NO!

Refusing an offer.

Too often we tend to take the easy way out and accept an offer we later regret. There is nothing so exhausting and futile as indecision. Learn to say no! 

If you believe in a principle, be firm and be prepared to stand up for it.

The best five tips to refuse a an offer or reject a recommendation   

  1. Listen carefully to the proposal

Hear what people have to say. People expect their opinions to be heard and considered. Take their opinions seriously.

Ask questions and show interest.

  1. Always be polite

Maintain dignity and don’t be in a hurry to refuse or reject a proposal.

  1. Cite facts and figures and give good reasons for your final decision

Explain your reasons and say why you are happy about your decision.

  1. Be fair and firm

Try to win any opposition over to your decision.  Aim to convince people.

  1. Maintain friendly relationships

When people know they have been heard, listened to and consulted, even if you do say “No”, they are more likely to accept your final decision. 

-Geoffrey Moss

“Never compromise deeply held principles – if you do you will live to regret it.”


SOURCE: For more on this topic see:  “Persuasive Ways” first published by Moss Associates Ltd, New Zealand and in Chinese by Shanghai People’s Publishing House and as “Secrets of Persuasion” by Cengage Learning Asia. (Available as an e-book from Also available as “Getting Your Ideas Across” from Kogan Page, U.K and a  Hungarian translation published by Bagolyvar Konyvkiado, Budapest.

Hungarian, Getting your ideas across


One thought on “The Best Handful of Tips 37 – Learn to say NO!

  1. Geoff, I have been reading this one tonight thinking what I can take from it as I often end up being a ‘yes person’ at work. Great tips and good to remember the facts and figures to contribute a final decision. Thanks for working so hard to keep us all informed of your expertise. Ellie

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