The Best Handful of Tips 39 – Sell Well


The Best Handful of Tips 39 – Sell Well

You must tell well to sell well. Successful sellers spend time establishing a rapport with their clients before they promote their selling. They must know their product well and believe in it.

The best five tips to sell a product or service.

  1. Know your product

To convince others, first convince yourself.

Research and test both the product and the market thoroughly.

You must convince yourself of its value and necessity before you can convince others.

  1. Get known

Build a good relationship with potential clients. Spend time establishing a rapport with them. The hard sell come later, as if doing them a favour.

Network by joining organisations and get well known. Go the extra mile and help with local events to build respected and trust.

  1. Listen carefully to your client 

The people you want to sell to should be viewed as distinct target groups, requiring different approaches and different strategies.  To sell well you must know their needs, wants and desires.

Try selling benefits not products. Emphasise the benefits of your product or service. Show them how you can make life easier for them.

  1. Aim to exceed the expectations of your clients

Establish a good after-sales service. It’s putting right that counts if you want repeat business.

Try to offer a better and cheaper service than your competitors.

  1. Revisit old clients regularly

It’s easier and cheaper to retain customers than to find new ones.

Build a trusting relationship and continue giving them advice and support.

 -Geoffrey Moss

“Everyone lives by selling something.”


SOURCE: “Time Savers” Moss Associates Ltd., New Zealand and “Time Management Secrets”, Cengage Learning Asia. Also available as an e-book  from
 Time Management Secrets Cover










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