The Best Handful of Tips 43 – Reduce your stress – learn to relax

The Best Handful of Tips 43 –

Reduce your stress – learn to relax


When your body tells you are under stress it’s time to review your lifestyle. Think through the cause of your stress and if necessary, get professional help.

It may be pressure at work, marital or family difficulties, financial worries, accommodation problems, peer pressure or other reasons.

Stress is an indicator you haven’t got your life balanced right. You need to take stock of your daily activities. Review your lifestyle objectively.(This is easier said than done.)

Try getting away for a relaxing break and think about your daily activities. Do things you enjoy doing. 

Try turning off you cell phone and learn to relax and start enjoying life.

The five best tips to reduce your daily stress and learn to relax

  1. Review your lifestyle

Take control of your life. Organise yourself so you can work more effectively and enjoy your leisure more.

Be moderate in all things.

Make time to think about the causes of your stress. Get professional counselling if necessary.

  1. Organise your work better

Spend more time planning your work and your  leisure activities. Prioritise your jobs.

Plan your day allowing time for interruptions and thinking time. Don’t be too ambitious. Set yourself  realistic goals.

Make decisions quickly as soon as you have all the facts. Don’t procrastinate. Meet deadlines early so you have no last-minute panics.  

Learn to decline when people ask you to take on extra duties.

To relieve pressure, delegate tasks to people you trust. Let others make some of the decisions.

Reward yourself with healthy breaks when you have done a good job.

  1. Balance your activities

Set aside time each week for leisure, for family time and do the things you enjoy.

Only work hard for limited periods. Take a relaxing lunch break.

Do not take work home!

Try to make “Moderation in all things.” your new rule. It’s the key to overcoming stress.

Learn to turn your cell phone off  for set periods and don’t worry about it.

  1. Keep healthy

Watch your diet and seek healthy foods.

Nutrition, exercise and sleep are all very important aspect of modern life.

Don’t sit in front of a computer for long periods. Walk about and get plenty of exercise.

Learn to relax and try to control your anger if things go wrong. Don’t get distressed.

 Have regular medical, dental, hearing and eyesight checks.

Watch your weight and make sure you get enough refreshing sleep.

  1. Learn to relax

The best way to reduce stress is to do the things you enjoy, so set aside times for play, for music, for reading for sports and things you enjoy doing. Reading an enjoyable book can work wonders.

Join organisations to network, to play, to learn and to have fun. Try yoga or some form of meditation. Asian early morning exercises seem to be an effective tool to start their day.

Lead a balanced life with strong social and family contacts.

Get your priorities right. If you are unhappy at work, try to get a job you enjoy. Balance your lifestyle. Get yourself organised and learn to relax by doing the things you enjoy doing.

Reward yourself when you have done a job you are proud of.

Before you make any vital decisions go away for a break. Make the time to get your life back in order.  When you return start afresh with new routines.

-Geoffrey Moss

“A relaxed approach can add years to your life.”

SOURCE: “Time-savers” Moss Associates Ltd, and “Time Management Secrets”, Cengage Learning Asia. Also available as an e-book available from

 Time Management Secrets Cover



2 thoughts on “The Best Handful of Tips 43 – Reduce your stress – learn to relax

  1. This is so true. I was working an incredibly stressful job and never had time for the things that I truly enjoyed and the things that would make me less stressed. I’ve since taken time out from work and am travelling the world doing all of the things I love doing so I can relate to a lot of the above!

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