The Best Handful of Tips 55 -Setting Your Goals

The Best Handful of Tips 55 –

Setting Your Goals

If you are determined enough you can achieve almost anything  but firsts you must have a dream and believe you can reach it.  Goals are dreams with deadlines.

It is that time of the year to start afresh and re-examine your dream and your goal or goals.

The hardest decision will be deciding your dream or goal. Knowing your destination is completing half of the journey. You then must motivate yourself  and,  if necessary, commit to any relevant study, self development and hard work required.

So you want to become a great singer, win an Olympic medal, become a great  teacher, a scientist, a leading politician or to own your own business – whatever? 

Five of the best tips to help you reach your goal

  1. Plan your working life

Your goals should be four things – clearly defined, realistic, achievable and measurable. It’s like a journey . You need a map, a direction, a budget, a destination and a timetable.

Draw up a flow chart of your proposed career and plan the steps to your ultimate goal.  Break your plan into short and long term steps. First for your professional career and then short and long term personal goals.

You can change your life by choosing a worthwhile goal and pursuing it, tenaciously. Be ambitious but realistic.  Winners are the people who develop strong self-belief and self-motivation.

Two goals worth considering are owning your own home and building an investment  fund to give you an income when you finish earning a wage. The sooner you start the easier  these become.

  1. Break your long term plans up 

Set annual goals and then monthly tasks. Work out a realistic timetable and try to keep to your agenda. It is amazing what you can achieve if you make plans.

  1. Share your goal with others

Discuss your plans with the people you trust, such as your partner, your mentor or sympathetic close colleagues. Very often they will support and help you achieve your desires. 

  1. Review your progress regularly

Research shows people with written goals are more likely to succeed. So write your ultimate goal in your diary, calendar and smart phone so you have a constant reminder.

Check regularly to make sure you are making good progress.

  1. Discipline yourself

Get into good working habits so each achievement is a further step towards your goal. This will give you encouragement and help build your confidence.

Focus on your future.  For example, “I plan to master the skills I need and to  save enough money to establish a successful business by the time I am 30.”

The more you think about your goal the more likely you are to become strongly motivated to reach it. It is amazing what you can achieve if you believe you can.

– Geoffrey Moss

” No goals – no glory!”


SOURCE: “Secrets for Success. This book could change your life.” Moss Associates Ltd, New Zealand and Cengage Learning Asia. Also published as an e-book available from
See also  “The Daily Tonic” For people who want to succeed. Available FREE from website.

Secrets for Success (Asia and Amazon) Cover


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