The Best Handful of Tips 69 – Becoming the New Boss


The Best Handful of Tips 69 –

Becoming the New Boss

Tread softly when you begin working in a new organisation. You will be watched and judged from the day you arrive.

            There are four keys to success – tenacity of purpose, what you know, who you know and the necessary resources.

            You can move into the new leadership role smoothly and lay the foundation for a supportive hard-working team by following these five simple tips.           

The best tips for a new CEO

  1. Select an experienced personal assistant         

You need someone within the organisation to alert you to traditional procedures and to tell you the history of people, the organisation and the politics of the business.

  1. Establish a rapport

Your first major task is to establish a rapport with the senior staff  and  the influential workers.

            Move around the workplace and chat to staff to get  their opinions of their jobs and the organisation. Be friendly and humble. Ask questions and listen very carefully.

            The organisation should be as simple as possible. Lines of authority must be clear. Everyone in the organisation must know to whom they report and who is responsible to them.

  1. Win respect

Consult your team leaders before making changes. Listen to their opinions and suggestions and ask the ‘what’, ‘why’, ‘when’, ‘where’, ‘how’, ‘who’ and ‘how much’ questions.

            When you introduce new ideas, involve staff and let them discuss the changes and put forward their ideas. You will get greater acceptance if they believe some of the changes were their ideas.

  1. Set up effective two-way communication systems

Share your vision, goals and objectives with staff and encourage honest feedback.

            Keep staff informed of proposed changes and why they are necessary. When they understand the need for change they are more likely to support you.

  1. Improve working conditions

As soon as possible upgrade any working conditions you believe would make life easier for people. You will find this will give you greater support  when you initiate major changes.

            To gain early support  target a few projects where you can achieve success quickly. Nothing succeeds like success.

-Geoffrey Moss

“Authority to act should be delegated nearest to the point where the facts are known and the action takes place.”

Source: “Secrets for New Managers” Moss Associates Ltd, New Zealand and Cengage Learning Asia, Singapore. Also available as an e-book from Cengage Learning and

Secrets for New Managers Cover


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