The Best Handful of Tips 75 – Enjoy Your Retirement


The Best Handful of Tips 75 –

Enjoy Your Retirement

Look forward to your retirement and plan ahead for it.    

          Plan for a long life and decide to make the most of it. It’s the time in your life to do all the things you have always wanted to do but have never had time or the opportunity to do before.

          It’s a rewarding time if you remain active and positive and still feel you can help others.  Reaching old age is a privilege and much better than the alternative.

Five of the best tips to help you enjoy your old age

  1. Make the most of every day

Read the books you have never had the time to read before. Use your Kindle, i-Pad or other devices to download books you cannot find in your library.

          Learn new skills or take up new hobbies. Consider cooking, painting, wood-carving, making things. Carry out house maintenance.  Do things that interest you and give you satisfaction.

          Listen to good music. Learn to play an instrument. Go to concerts, plays, recitals, lectures, or just go fishing.

          Write your life story or research your family history. 

          Get out of the house. Visit museums, art galleries, follow a sports team, or take up a sport such as bowls or golf .

  1. Review your ‘bucket list’

Visit places you have dreamed about. Go on a cruise, take a long bus or train trip, travel to new places.

  1. Make new friends and renew old friendships

Meet new people and have fun.

          Join clubs and chat to strangers, ask questions and learn to listen. Do not bore people by ‘living in the past’ and repeating stories about the good old days.

          Join volunteer organisations to help disadvantaged people.  Support good causes. You can make a difference!

          Locate old friends you have lost contact with over the years.  Contact people you knew at school or college, served with in the armed forces, or worked with in earlier years.  

  1. Keep mentally and physically fit

Do crosswords, puzzles and pretend to compete in quiz shows when watching television.

          Keep up-to-date with both the world news and new technology. Learn how to get the most out of your tablet with useful apps.

          Exercise, swim or walk each day. Enjoy bush walks, smell the flowers and listen to the birds.     

          Keep your body in good shape. Get regular physical checks and maintain good health and nutrition.

          Keep in touch with your family and friends and chat with them on the phone or on-line. Give support and encouragement  to your grandchildren, if you are fortunate enough to have any.

  1. Enjoy your hard-earned cash

Enjoy the money you have worked so hard for.  You cannot take it with you. Spoil your partner, your family and your friends. Eat and dress well.

          If you find it hard to cope with all your tasks, such as house work and gardening, arrange for others to help.

          On the financial side don’t stress yourself by making investments that you will worry about. Don’t take any risks. Put your savings into safe on-call deposits.

          But most of all get out of the house and have fun! Life is too short to eat poor food and drink bad wine.

-Geoffrey Moss 

“If life was a thing money could buy the rich would live and the poor would die.”

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