The Best Handful of Tips 76 – Overcoming Procrastination

The Best Handful of Tips 76 – Overcoming Procrastination

Procrastination is the thief of time. The world is cluttered with unfinished projects that have been put aside to do later when we have time.

            The longer we put off a difficult task the harder it becomes. We say – we are too busy, or the job is just too big to start just now.

            Procrastination is not solely a matter of having poor time management skills but can often be traced back to complex psychological reasons. There is nothing more fatiguing than worrying about an uncompleted task.

            The first step is to understand the reasons why you are procrastinating.  What are your habits and thoughts that lead to your procrastinating?

            To overcome procrastination commit yourself to deadlines. Break big jobs into small units and get started.

            A leader’s  procrastination can reduce the productivity of the whole team. Make a sound decision as soon as you have all the needed information.

The five best tips to overcome procrastination

  1. Make a plan and a commitment to start

If it is a big job, list the broad steps you will need to take. If it is a report ‘mind map’ it, setting out the key words before you start.

  1. Tell others your plan

When you make a commitment  to finish a task by a set date you are more likely to finish the job on time.

            A procrastinator is a person with a ‘wait’ problem. One of these days is none of these days.  

  1. Break each step into small workable tasks

Make a realistic ‘to do list’ and set time limits.

            By completing one section at a time you will be  encouraged to tackle the next step.

  1. Set deadlines

Budget your time and  include social and physical activities.

            Develop good working habits and time-saving systems. Focus on meaningful goals. Reward yourself when you meet a deadline.

  1. Get started!

The first step is often the hardest step to take.

It’s determination that gets the first step done.

            There is nothing more fatiguing than worrying about an uncompleted task so the sooner you start the better. Instead of saying “I wish I hadn’t …. say, “I will….”

            Those who hesitate are last. There are only so many tomorrows.

-Geoffrey Moss

“Never put off tomorrow what can be done today.

Do it now!”



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