The Best Handful of Tips 77 – Overcoming Problems

The Best Handful of Tips 77 –

Overcoming Problems

Problems tend to get bigger if they are not dealt with promptly. The best way to stop worrying about a problem is to solve it fast.

            Examine all aspects of a problem fast in an effort to find a rapid solution. Problems multiply when you take your eye off your goals.           

Five of the best tips to solve a problem

  1. Define the problem clearly

What is the problem?

            Make sure people fully understand and agree on the nature of the problem.

  1. List possible causes

Discuss the possible causes in detail. Encourage lateral thinking.

            The obvious cause is not necessarily the real cause of the problem. Often it is due to personality conflicts.  

  1. Generate a list of ideas for possible solutions

Establish criteria for what will be an acceptable solution. Next generate a list of possible solutions by using a ‘brain storming’ type session.

            When looking for a solution involve people who know about the situation and include some who do not. Very often they see things through different eyes.

  1. Choose the best recommendation

Discard all impractical solutions.

            Discuss all the practical recommendations and their implications.

            Decide on the best solution.

  1. Plan the action to be taken and decide how it will be implemented

People often work better under pressure. Get it solved as quickly as possible. If you tackle the hard problems first usually the easy ones go away.

            Appoint competent, experienced people to make the changes. If they have been involved in solving the problem they will be more supportive of the changes needed.          

-Geoffrey Moss

“Never take your boss a problem unless you can suggest a possible solution.”

Source: “Training Secrets” published by Moss Associates Ltd, New Zealand and Cengage Learning Asia. Also available as an eBook from

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