The Best Handful of Tips 82 – Bonding with an Audience

The Best Handful of Tips 82 – Bonding with an Audience

Bait your message to hook your audience right from your start.

            Select a topic of great interest to your audience. Focus on a simple, clear, interesting message. Tell them something new.

The five best tips to establish a rapport with an audience when you are making a presentation

  1. Three by three may be the key

Compose yourself, pause, smile and tell a story or an anecdote. Don’t be in a hurry. Let your audience get use to your voice before you start on your main message. Chat to them.

            Keep your presentation simple. Don’t say too much. Tell your audience what you propose to say. Tell them, but don’t make too many points. Three would be ideal.

            Give them facts and reasons why.

            Sum up with what you have told them and end with a strong memorable finish.

  1. Look for common ground

Talk about local experiences, associations or environmental issues. Try to let them believe you are one of them.

            Refer to familiar places and quote people the audience like and respect.

  1. Focus on the audience’s concerns

Agree with some of their hopes, beliefs, attitudes and values.

            People like new information, so make your message fresh, exciting and stimulating punctuated with amusing stories and anecdotes to make it memorable.

            If you make recommendations explain the benefits and advantages and how they could benefit.

  1. Be polite and respectful at all times

Keep calm even if you have a hostile audience. Let the chairperson deal with any problems that arise.

  1. Share your feelings and emotions

Tell them how you feel about things. Be honest, modest and sincere. Pause from time to time. Take care not to talk to fast. Share your emotions and feelings.

            Always start with a smile.

-Geoffrey Moss

“The shorter your words and sentences the easier they are to heed.”

SOURCE: “Time-Savers”, Moss Associates, Ltd and Cengage Learning Asia’s “Time Management Secrets” and in our book “Persuasive Ways”. Also available as an e-books from

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