The Best Handful of Tips 91 – Be a Successful Introducer :


The Best Handful of Tips 91 –

Be a Successful Introducer:

The role of the introducer is to set the scene and to arouse the listeners’ interest so they will direct their attention to the speaker and the topic.

By mentioning specific interests you can create an atmosphere  which makes the audience more receptive and the speaker more stimulated and focused.

A good introduction will get a speaker off to a strong start.

Five of the best tips when introducing a speaker to an audience

  1. Before the event ask the speaker to supply some background notes about themselves

Use these notes to prepare your introduction, and ensure you get the facts correct. 

Tell the speaker, well in advance of the event, how much time is available for the talk, who the audience will be and the numbers you are expecting.

  1. On the day go to the front so you can be seen and heard by all the audience

Use a microphone if necessary

Tell the audience why the topic is important to them and how they may benefit from the information.             

Remind the speaker and the audience how much time is available for the speech.

  1. Keep the introduction brief

Refrain from ‘stealing’ any of the content of the speaker’s speech or giving your views on the speaker’s topic.

  1. Tell the audience why the speaker is qualified to speak on the subject

Say why the speaker is an authority on the topic. Mention the speaker’s background and qualifications.

  1. Lead the applause 

Your last task before you sit down is to repeat the speaker’s name clearly and to lead the applause to welcome them.

-Geoffrey Moss

“Be brief, sincere, enthusiastic and seated.”

Source: “Persuasive Ways. ‘Tricks of the trade’ to get your ideas across”. First published by  Moss Associates Ltd., New Zealand and in Chinese by the Shanghai People’s Publishing House, the Singapore Institute of Management, Kogan Page Ltd, U.K and in Hungarian by Bagolyvar Konyvkiado.  Also published as the “Secrets of Persuasion” by Cengage Learning Asia and as an e-book and sold by

Secrets of Persuasion Cover


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