The Best Handful of Tips 95 – Thanking a Guest Speaker

The Best Handful of Tips  95 –  Thanking a Guest Speaker: 

When you are asked to thank a guest speaker there are a few simple rules to  follow.

When a guest speaker has finished addressing a meeting, the chairperson usually asks a member of the audience to propose a vote of thanks.

A speech to thank a speaker is a special type of motion and should be delivered in a formal  manner.

The five best tips when proposing a vote of thanks to a guest speaker

  1. The proposer should be warned early

Well before the speaker starts the proposer should be given plenty of time to prepare a vote of thanks.

This allows them time to collect their thoughts and to prepare comments based on the content of the speech.

  1. Address your remarks through the chairperson 

If you are proposing a vote of thanks, treat it as a formal motion. “Madam Chair, I have much pleasure in proposing a vote of thanks to Dr X …………..”

  1. Speak for the audience

Express an appreciation of what was said. Comment on a few points of interest in the speech and the manner of the presentation.

Thank the speaker sincerely and modestly.

  1. Do not criticise the speaker or the contents of the speech even if you strongly disagree with it

It’s bad form to criticise a guest . 

  1. Show your appreciation 

Finish with, “I would like to propose a vote of thanks to ………….”  (It’s not necessary to have a seconder for this motion.)

The chairman puts the motion to the audience and it is usually carried by applause.

-Geoffrey Moss

“Be brief, sincere, enthusiastic and seated.” 

Source: “Persuasive Ways. ‘Tricks of the trade’ to get your ideas across”. First published by  Moss Associates Ltd., New Zealand and in Chinese by the Shanghai People’s Publishing House, the Singapore Institute of Management, Kogan Page Ltd, U.K and in Hungarian by Bagolyvar Konyvkiado.  Also published as the “Secrets of Persuasion” by Thomson and Cengage Learning Asia and as an e-book and sold by



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