The Best Handful of Tips 98 – Strategic Planning:

The Best Handful of Tips 98 – Strategic Planning: 

Minutes spent planning can save hours when it comes to getting things done.

The planning process is logical because it reflects the successive steps and conditions required to reach objectives. Strategic planning is ‘what we will do’, the tactical planning is ‘how we will do it’.

Managers and leaders must be concerned with tomorrow. They must not live in the past but must plan for the future – today!

The first step should be to make sure all the staff fully support the corporate vision. Take care to get all the basic assumptions right at the start. Concentrate on what could go wrong not what will go wrong.

When you have a clear understanding of the situation and a good rapport with your staff, you will be ready to draft your strategic plan.

These steps apply to improving any type of organisation whether it is a small business, a school, a supermarket, a factory or a large international organisation.

The five best tips to help upgrade an organisation

  1. Know where you want to go

What is your vision? What are your goals?

Where do you want your organisation to be, by when?

  1. Find out what is going on around you

 What does the organisation do best? What could be done better? What don’t we need to do?

What opposition is there? What are the long term prospects? (See our source books for amplification and details)

  1. Carry out a SWOT analysis

List your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

Decide on your priorities. Concentrate on your strengths and look for new opportunities.

  1. Prepare some SMART objectives 

These must be realistic and able to be measured.

They should be like a journey.  You need a map (plan), resources (a budget), a destination and a schedule and you will need to know when you arrive.  So make them SMART; Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and completed on Time.

  1. List each task to be done to achieve your goals and objectives

Plan each task and a get commitment from your key people to achieve the results by a specific date.

One of the important jobs of a manager today is not to control people but to guide, encourage, excite them in their work and give praise were it is due.

-Geoffrey Moss

“Today’s preparations will determine tomorrow’s achievements.”

Source: “Revitalise Your Business”, Moss Associates Ltd, and “Business Secrets” published by Cengage Learning Asia and by McGraw-Hill, Australia. Available as an e-book from and VitalSource, USA.
Also available as “Managing for Tomorrow” published by Moss Associates, New Zealand, Federal Times Business Books, Singapore and Ane Books, India.



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  1. Hi Geoff,

    Like your latest blog.
    Very concise and to the point.
    President Trump could pay attention.




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