Rolling On – The Best Handful of Tips 17 – STIMULATE INNOVATION

Rolling On – A Handful of Tips 17 –  STIMULATE INNOVATION 

A business has four main functions – production, marketing, innovation, and profit.  Innovation is the fuel of corporate survival and growth.

          New ideas rarely germinate with people who are scared of making mistakes.

          With cooperative management, enthusiastic workers and an environment conducive to free -thinking and innovation companies can thrive and grow.

Five of the best tips to stimulate innovation

* Build a favourable work environment

          Innovation flourishes in organisations where it is encouraged, appreciated and rewarded.

          Reduce rules and regulations.

          Delegate responsibility down to where the action takes place.  

          Replace ‘deadwood staff ‘ with newly recruited enthusatic, innovative people and give them freedom to make a few mistakes.

          Select enthusiastic team leaders who believe work can be competitive and fun. 

* Remove barriers

          Restrictions and rules prevent ideas from circulating and kill useful creative ideas.   Remove these barriers and delegate responsibilities down to the action levels of the business.

*  Look for new ideas

          Ideas can be found both inside and outside organisations. Ask your staff, your clients and your potential clients for ideas.

          Research what others are doing and if appropriate modify their successes to your advantage.

* Set up workshops to generate ideas

          Select an experienced,  enthusiastic facilitator. 

          Find a suitable quiet location and run planning and innovative workshops. Use techniques such as ‘brainstorming’ and ways of generating ideas to get everyone involved.

          Remove all cell phones and make workshops fun.

* Encourage creativity and reward success

          Show appreciation of good ideas with rewards and public recognition. Rewards can take many forms as well as money.

          Everyone likes to feel their work is appreciated.  A few words of praise such as,  “Well done. You did a good job.” can mean a lot to a worker.

Geoffrey Moss

“Innovation thrives on encouragement and dies with criticism.”

Source: “Secrets for New Managers” first published by Moss Associates Ltd., New Zealand and Cengage Learning Asia, Singapore. Also available as an e-book from and VitalSource.


Secrets for New Managers (Asia and Amazon) Cover


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