Rolling On – The Best Handful of Tips 23 – TIPS FOR TRAINERS


Trainers should be constantly experimenting and evaluating new ways to train. Unless you are constantly learning new ways to train  you will become bored with your job and left behind.

          People learn best when they are enjoying their training and feel they are contributing to discussions and helping to make decisions.

          Training should inspire action rather than to fill people with knowledge.

Five tips to help you become a better trainer 

* Start with a need assessment

          Your first job is to find out what people already know.  Then find out what they want to know or need to know.  Then develop a challenging and enjoyable programme relevant to their needs.

          What do the trainees do? Who are they? How old are they? What sex are they? etc.

          Never forget, people learn best when they are enjoying their training.

          Allow extra time when teaching new tasks to older adults. There is no lessening of the ability to learn as we age but you need to slow down and have more fun.

* Get people involved in planning their own training

          List topics and let them help select what they need to learn and which topics are the most urgently needed.

          People have many experiences to share and like to contribute so get them involved early during training.

* People learn best when they know they need new skills 

           Arouse interest to encourage people to want to learn.

          Structure training around tasks relevant to work needs, to problem-solving, or life situations. 

* Make training enjoyable

          Lecturing is one of the most ineffective way to train, so keep talks to a minimum.

          People enjoy training games and challenging competitions.

          Set up teams and let the teams compete for solutions to problems or new ways to work. Keep challenging them! Give small prizes for the best results.

          Encourage participants to express their opinions and have lively discussions.

* Use a variety of training methods

          People will learn more quickly if you use different training ways. Use group discussion, role playing etc. with plenty of good visual aids.  (See “Training Secrets – Helping Adults Learn”,  for forty-nine different ways to train.) 

          Short training sessions can help reinforce learning.  Long sessions can be very tiring.

          Short repetitive sessions can help reinforce learning because they have more impact.  

          Keep asking;  “What did we learn yesterday at our training sessions?”  Keep reviewing and reminding your participants.

          If people start to wilt during training, take a break. Play a game, let them go for a walk or a swim, or break for coffee. Do something different, so they return refreshed and keen to continue.

          A good trainer can make learning fun and satisfying for participants. Don’t regurgitate other peoples sessions. Build your own unique ways to train.

          ‘Variety is the spice of life’ so make your training interesting, entertaining, challenging and enjoyable using numerous training ways.

Geoffrey Moss

“The greater the involvement the more people learn.”

Source: “Training Secrets – Helping adults learn”. Available from Moss Associates Ltd, New Zealand & Cengage Learning Asia, Singapore. Also available as a hard copy and as an e-book from
The author has run workshops in a dozen Asian and Pacific countries. Over 2,500 people have attended his workshops. He has run 31 workshops at the Singapore Institute of Management.




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