Rolling On – The Best Handful of Tips 28 – TEAM BUILDING



To succeed in business you need to be able to build effective teams.  

          Give serious consideration to the requirements before you build a new team or reorganise a working group. Different tasks require different types of teams.

          Every team is unique so look closely at the work and life experiences of each person in each team.  

          Give consideration to how well people get on together. Group dynamics play an important role. You must be able to get the mix right.        

Five of the best tips to consider when you try to build a new team, or improve a team

* Analyse the work first

          Before making any changes look at what teams do now and what you want them to do.

          Which areas could be improved quickly and easily?

          You will get greater synergy if you select teams containing both men and women. They contribute different outlooks and different skills.

          Select team leaders for their enthusiasm and vision. Enthusiasm can be contagious.

          Cynics and jokers should be removed if they hinder progress. (If appropriate, offer them an audit task or a research task so they do not lose face when you remove them.)

* Empower teams

          Delegate responsibilities to teams. They should be empowered to do things their way and not be heavily supervised. 

          Goals should be realistic, challenging, negotiable and documented.

          People have a basic desire to make a difference – they want to contribute.  Encourage them.        

* Regular communication is essential        

          Team members should meet frequently to review progress.

          Good communication is a two-way affair.

          Management must give regular feedback on how a team is performing and any changing situations.  

          Teams leaders must keep management informed of their successes and failures. 

* Coach and encouraging teams

          You need to coach and encourage work teams as you would a sports team. If necessary, re-balance your teams for greater effectiveness as you would a sports team.

          Encourage formal and informal activities both inside and outside work. Social events can help strengthen a team.

* Acknowledge, reward and celebrate successes and contributions by teams

          The only way to judge a team is by its performance.

          Managers should acknowledge improvements and successes and reward results, not tasks.       

Geoffrey Moss

“Competition between teams can be a great stimulus.” 

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Source: “Secrets for New Managers” first published by Moss Associates Ltd., New Zealand and Cengage Learning Asia, Singapore. Also available as an e-book from and VitalSource.

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