Rolling On – The Best Handful of Tips 41 – PERSUASIVE WAYS


Be aware of some of the techniques people use to influence you, or to persuade you to buy a product. You may be able to turn them to your advantage.

Five techniques used to influence you

* Testimonials by famous people

          Actors, sports persons, TV personalities or famous people with high profiles are often used to establish the credibility of a product or a service. Remember they are paid to advertise the product or the service even they may have little knowledge about it.

* Keeping up with the neighbours (the Jones)

          The techniques relies on peer pressure and changing fashions. “Everyone has one , why not you?”

* I am successful – despite my humble background

          “I can show you how to be successful.”

          “You should vote for me . I know all about your problems.”

* Common associations

          A respected or prestigious organisation or sport is sometimes associated with a product. This technique is often used to sell liquor or tobacco so be aware of this connection.

* Unsupported claims

          Speakers and advertisers often use half-truths and omit unfavourable evidence. The media often make a story out of “half-baked  facts”.

          Often a unique feature of a product or an idea is highlighted and treated as if it is of great value. It may be of little real value or benefit.

          Don’t believe everything because you hear it repeated many times or because it is printed in large bold letters.

          Sometimes a speaker denounces a person or an idea by associating them with things feared, distrusted or despised. This is used to discredit a person or an organisation.

          Read and listen with a sensitive eye and ear and try to understand other points of view.

Geoffrey Moss

“Listen carefully for pervasive rhetoric it will to be to your advantage.”



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