Rolling On – The Best Handful of Tips 42 – SEEKING PROMOTION



To advance your career and to achieve success is an exciting quest.  Success occurs when opportunity and preparation meet.

Success comes when you do things right, when you learn how to make the best use of your time and how to deal with people.

These tips will help you promote yourself; help you develop your potential and help lead you towards a successful career.

Five of the best tips to help you on the way  towards a job promotion  

* Develop good communication skills and keep studying

Learn to speak in public and to write simply, precisely  and clearly. Smile often.     

Make the time to talk to people and listen to them carefully.

Make the time to cultivate the friendship and approval of your colleagues and clients.

Be objective and honest with your comments. Think your views through objectively before making comments. Try to back your comments with facts. Don’t say what you believe others want to hear, try to give independent ideas and opinions.

Study the work habits of successful people – cultivate those which can help you. Seek workplace mentors and seek their advise of the best ways to advance your career.

* Pay attention to your personal grooming  

Dress well. Dress for that first impression. Buy quality clothes, they need not be new. Organisations like to be proud of their workers, not ashamed of them. 

Dress for the position you would like to attain.

* Go out of your way to help others

Always try to give people a better service than they expect.

Show empathy towards others. Be helpful at all times.

* Develop good working habits

Don’t rush to your boss with your problems and if you need to always recommend a solution.  Be conscientious, honest and sincere in all your work. Try to go the extra mile.

Show you are enthusiastic about your job, confident and energetic.

Work hard to get things done so people know you are reliable and capable of achieving higher office.

Keep up to date with technology and developments in your line of work.

* Write your own code of conduct and keep to it 

Set your own standards and rules and put them in your diary or work book, so you are constantly reminded of your ethical guidelines. (You need to write these down and look at them frequently.)

To reach the top you need talent, ambition, initiative, good communication skills and hard work. 

Be ambitious and be prepared to work hard.

Remember;  “Smart work is the yeast that raises the dough.”

– Geoffrey Moss

“People hesitate because they feel inferior, others learn from their mistakes and become superior.”

SOURCE: “Secrets for Success. This book could change your life.” Moss Associates Ltd, New Zealand and Cengage Learning Asia. Also published as an e-book available from

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