Rolling On – The Best Handful of Tips 52-Commandments for PUBLIC SPEAKERS


Commandments for


If you want your speech to be successful, it must be well prepared and presented confidently. It’s not how long you talk but what you say.

          At the start, appeal to the audience’s beliefs attitudes and values before you deliver your main message.

The ten commandments for public speakers

Thou shalt: –

  1. Think about your topic and your purpose

          What action do you want your audience to take after your presentation? (write it down in one sentence.)

  1. Analyse the audience and the environment

          Sex, age, experiences?

          Acoustics, lighting and seating.

  1. Research the topic

          People want new information. How much do the audience know about the topic?

  1. Create an outline

          Draft a plan. Set out headings.

  1. Write the first draft and prepare visuals

          Write the way you chat.

          Keep your visuals simple large and clear.

  1. Prepare well, pretest and practise

          Important presentation should be rehearsed.

  1. Speak sincerely and confidentially

          Chat to your audience. Share your feelings and emotions.

  1. Answer questions

          Briefly, honestly so all can hear. Repeat or rephrase the question if necessary.

  1. Evaluate your performance

          What response did you get? How could you do better next time?

  1. Thou shalt publicise and follow up

          Make the most of the research and homework you have carried out. Give out handouts to reinforce your message,  especially to reporters, to keep them honest.

Geoffrey Moss

“A speech is like a journey. It has purpose, direction and a destination.”

SOURCE: “Time-Savers” Moss Associates, New Zealand and “Time Management Secrets” Cengage Learning Asia, Singapore. Also as an e-book available from and a hard copy in Korean by Windows of Times and by McGraw-Hill Australia.

Time-Savers Cover


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