Rolling On – The Best Handful of Tips 54 – Growing a BUSINESS

Growing a BUSINESS

It is the ability to deliver a consistently high quality service every time that brings clients back. Establish a good working relationship with your clients by giving them a fast, effectual, quality service.

       Aim to exceed your rivals in all facets of activity. Aim to fulfill the needs of your clients and future clients.

Five ways to help grow your business

* Establish goals that are agreed upon by both workers, management and clients

            Discuss common goals fully. They should be realistic and attainable.

            Aim to exceed your rivals in all activities. They must benefit all stake holders to get support.

           Aim to increase the number of clients and increase the frequency of client transactions.

            Hard-nosed competition is the best assurance of a healthy business. Aim to exceed rivals in all facets of activity.

* Set up simple and effective communication systems

            Get constant and honest feedback from both your staff and your clients. Your clients are especially important if you plan to grow the business.    

* Counsel, train, coach and encourage your workers

            Employees should be well trained, coached and mentored so they are inspired to work more efficiently and effectively.

            Training should be linked to real business situations and include creative and lateral thinking. Staff need to believe they can make a difference and feel part of the team.

* Give individuals responsibilities

            Trust, confidence and accountability are the keys to success.

            Show you have confidence and trust in your staff by delegating responsibilities. Make them accountable and they will respond positively.

* Give rewards based on results

            Reward staff  who have performed well. Reward results not tasks. There are many ways to recognise achievement other than money.

Geoffrey Moss

“Successful organisations achieve their growth targets by looking after their people and their clients.” 

Source: “Time Savers, Guidelines, Checklists and Golden Rules”. “Time Management Secrets , An ESSENTIAL tool for managers and executives”. Also available as an e-book and available from

Time savers for busy people Australia 2


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