Rolling On – The Best Handful of Tips 56 – Beating the COMPETITION

 Beating the COMPETITION

To beat your competition you must keep on top of your  products and services.  It’s more to do with people and their motivation then with equipment and working conditions.         

          Hard-nosed competition is the best assurance of a healthy business. Aim to exceed rivals in all facets of activity.

Five of the best tips to beat the competition

* Select your staff with care

          Staff selection and training are critical.      Don’t delegate staff selection to others. You are only as good as your staff!

          Constant training is essential for all staff – including top management.

          Try training small groups and once they are fully trained get them to train others. This way they learn twice.

          Mentoring is an excellent training tool. Choose experienced workers to coach and train new employers to the required high standards.

* Treat employees with respect

          People don’t like being bossed or bullied.

          Share your views and ideas with people and consult them on problems and challenges facing the organisation.

          Encourage questioning.

* Give workers a stake in the business

          People who share in their workplace profits take a greater interest in the quality of the products and the services. They work harder and become ambassadors for your products and services.

* Set high standards

          Each step, in each task, should have high quality standards set. Try to keep trying to improve on these.

          When possible, quality standards should be put in writing and have good example readily available for inspection.   

          Written instructions must be in simple clear language so all workers can fully understand and be able to refer back to them from time to time.

* Don’t clog up the works

          Too many bosses and too many instructions and rules slow down needed responses.

          Delegate decision making to front line staff in areas where the action takes place.

          Services and the quality of products improve if there are good communication systems in place and everyone knows what is expected from them and who is responsible for what.

          You can always beat the competition by giving the best service at the lowest price.

Geoffrey Moss

“Today’s quality is tomorrows reputation.”

Source: “Revitalise Your Business. Guidelines for new leader-managers” and “Secrets for New Managers”, first published by Moss Associates Ltd, New Zealand.  “Business Secrets” and “Secrets for New Managers” published by Cengage Learning Asia and available as e-books from and VitalSource Bookshelf.
 Revitalise Your Business Cover

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