Rolling On -The Best Handful of Tips 59 -Building winning TEAMS

Building winning TEAMS :

Success or failure  in business depends on whether people work together effectively in teams. It’s hard to operate these days without teams.

              Different backgrounds, different experiences, can come together and share and stimulate each other.

              People with the emotional maturity to leave their egos at home make the best team members.

              Competition between teams can be a great stimulus.

Five of the best tips to build winning teams

* Analyse the work first

              Different tasks require different types of teams. Management teams coordinate and make recommendations. Problem-solving teams come together then disband.Work teams become self-managed with specific responsibilities. Quality circles look for ways to improve productivity and quality. Virtual teams communicate on-line.

* Select people with care

              Select compatible, competent team members and enthusiastic leaders.

              You will get greater synergy if you select teams with diversity of experiences and outlooks.

              From time to time you may need to rearrange a team especially if you have inherited someone else’s team.

* Give teams specific responsibilities

              Delegate specific roles and responsibilities to teams. Give realistic challenges and clear goals. Set deadlines but allow time for teams to develop.

* Coach and encourage teams

              Teams must be coached and, if necessary, rebalanced for greater efficiency.

              Encourage formal and informal activities outside work. Social events can help strengthen a team.

              Managers should acknowledge improvements and successes and reward results, not tasks.

* Focus teams on a single target

              Make sure clear boundaries are set and each member’s role is clear and linked to the team goal.

              Few companies are skilled at making teams work with other teams. Managers must make an effort at bringing teams together to focus on single targets. “Small streams join to form mighty rivers.”

Geoffrey Moss

“The only way you can judge a team is by performance.”

Source: “Revitalise YOUR Business”, Moss Associates Ltd, New Zealand. ” Business Secrets. Guidelines for New Leader-managers”, Cengage Learning, Asia. Also available as e-books from and from the VitalSource Bookshelf.

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