Rolling On – The Best Handful of Tips 60 -Becoming a Leader

Becoming a LEADER :

Good leaders are always in demand for top management roles.  If you are ambitious make an effort to improve your leadership skills.

        Good leaders inspire people to raise their performance to higher levels and help them to improve their qualities, they accept their responsibilities and their mistakes.   

        The art of leadership consists in getting people to do what you want done because they want to do it.  They  can be easily recognised because their people display superior performances and skills.

Five of the best ways to improve your leadership skills 

* Become a good communicator

        Keep your messages honest, simple and clear. Chat to people in the language they fully understand.  Keep them up with developing work situations.

        Tell them what is expected from them and how well they are doing.

* Be enthusiastic and positive

        Be passionate about work and full of enthusiasm for new ideas,  your ideas and the ideas of others.  Remember ‘enthusiasm is contagious’.

* Set a good example

        Be a role model, lead by setting a good example both at work and in the wider community. Dress well and support good causes. 

* Learn to delegate

        The ability delegate is the mark of a good leader and indicates a trust and faith in others.

        Tell people what you want done, by when and leave them to it.

        Restrain from meddling while they carry out their allotted tasks.

        Delegate responsibility, authority and accountability.

* Support people

        Leaders mentor, train and encourage people.

They are also available when, and if, required.

        Good leaders are in demand because they know how to get things done, competently and on time.

-Geoffrey Moss

“A good leaders inspires and motivates people to go beyond what they thought they could accomplish.”

Source: “Revitalise YOUR Business”, Moss Associates Ltd, New Zealand. ” Business Secrets. Guidelines for New Leader-managers”, Cengage Learning, Asia. Also available as e-books from and from the VitalSource Bookshelf.

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