Rolling On – The Best Handful of Tips 72 – WORKSHOPS

Workshops :

Workshops are powerful training tools when a group gets together in a quiet location to share experiences, to plan, to study, to solve problems and to extend their knowledge.

Five of the best tips when running a workshop

* Select a suitable site

        Locate a suitable area well away from family, work and friends – somewhere free from distractions where people can concentrate on the exercises on hand.  

* Make the workshop area look interesting  

       First impressions are important so set up the environment to look ‘busy’ where exciting things are about to happen.

* Involve participants right from the start

          Get participants to meet and greet each other and then set up work stations.

          Confirming the objectives. They must be very clear. Set out and get agreement on the workshop rules at the start.  

* Workshops should be fun and fruitful

          They can be a great way to build up work teams.

          Use a variety of training techniques and aim to keep interest levels high. Give out spot prizes.

          Run workshops like a vaudeville show – non-stop with plenty of different training methods.

          Set up competitive problem-solving teams to get everyone involved. Encourage initiative and allow time for games and social events.

          Constantly review and evaluate the techniques used.

* Findings and recommendations should be recorded

          Reinforce training with printed recommendations and the findings from the workshop. 

          Be generous with handouts and resource materials.

          Make training interesting, entertaining, challenging and enjoyable.

Geoffrey Moss

“Competition between teams can be a powerful stimulus for learning, but it should be fun and never antagonistic.”


Source: “Training Secrets.  Helping adults learn”,  published by Moss Associates Ltd & Cengage Learning Asia. Also available as an e-book from
“Training Ways , Helping Adults Learn”, MAF Information, N.Z. ; “The Corporate Trainer’s Quick Reference”, BUSINESS ONE IRWIN,USA; “The Trainer’s DESK Reference”, Kogan Page, U.K.






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