Rolling On – The Best Handful of Tips 76 – MENTORING Skills,


Mentoring is a learning and development partnership between a trusted and experienced person and someone who wants to learn.    

          It is a good way to train a new worker and a satisfying job for a  experienced worker.

          Mentors can save you from making unwise decisions and expensive mistakes. It’s time-consuming and rewarding but can be satisfying for both parties.

Five of the best tips to help you learn mentoring skills

* Both parties must be keen

  • Mentoring basically is about sharing experiences.

  • Helping mentees build their confidence.

  • Encouraging them to be successful.

          The objective should be to encourage mentees so they are prepared to take on more responsible jobs. They should be challenged to take on new roles, to take a few risks and to get things done.

* Chat and build a rapport 

          At the start mentor and mentee must be compatible and realise both have to contribute. Chat and establish interests and ambitions and build a rapport.

          Both parties must agree to be honest and objective with their comments.  

          Discuss the role, the rules and the times of the meetings. Arrange a quiet, private place to meet.

* Set an agenda

          Plan the topics to be discussed.

          Share not only work experience but personal counselling and office politics.     Housing, travelling and family affairs can influence work activities, so these should be discussed openly. It is essential to keep discussions between parties confidential.

* Mentoring is a two-way activity

          A mentor must be a good questioner and a good listener. The mentor teaches more practical skills based on many years of work experiences. 

          Mentors must be prepared to listen and learn as well as giving advice and counselling.

          The mentee can contribute to the discussions by giving modern views and their interpretations of work activities. They can share their thoughts on future developments and the use of recent technology.

* Be a good example

          To be credible a successful mentor must set high standards at all times.

Geoffrey Moss ,

“If you cannot see where you are heading, ask someone who has been there.”


SOURCE: “Training Secrets” Moss Associates Ltd., New Zealand and Cengage Learning Asia. Also available as an e-book from

Training Secrets Cover


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